April 7, 2024

Our community is a vibrant example of Cardinal John Henry Newman’s vision: it reflects his passion for education, his journey of faith, and his emphasis on developing the spiritual and intellectual lives of young adults.

The Ministry Planning Council was started when Fr. Pat pulled together several people to review the recommendations stemming from our parish survey, conducted in 2022. 

Recently, the council met with Fr. Bryan, to share what this great Newman community is all about. Our goal was to tell the Diocese about the active and engaging ministries here, especially campus ministry.

When we met with Fr. Bryan … and began sharing our story, he remarked that what he had seen here, was:

“Church lived – as it’s meant to be.”

Fr. Bryan also tells us that the Bishop is very supportive of campus ministry and wants to keep us open. However, we know that the Bishop is pulled in many directions.

In the diocesan bankruptcy proceedings, an appraisal is currently underway for about two dozen properties owned by the diocese – including this building. Ultimately, all diocesan properties will be appraised. 

But… not all that will be appraised… will be sold.

All we know for sure is that the condominium where Fr. Paul currently lives will be sold – as will the Buff State Newman Center. The Catholic Center on Main Street, and the former Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora will also be sold.

The Planning Council is doing everything we can to keep this great place thriving.

Everyone here knows how special this place is. And so many demonstrate an incredible commitment to the UB Newman Community… and the many activities that support our students and our entire community. You know that we rarely, if ever, talk about money. But today we want to share some perspective on our finances.  

Your contributions and your participation in fundraisers have always enabled us to pay our bills. Thank you very much for that.  However, beginning late last year and continuing into 2024, we receive less money every month than our expenses.

We are operating at a deficit.

With so many things in the Diocese being scrutinized, this could be a problem for us.

We all understand the frustrations, anxiety – and even anger – that many of you have shared about our future – and the actions of the Diocese.

Sometimes, it feels that reducing your contributions is the only way to express this frustration. But the simple fact is:

WE are the only ones who must pay our bills. And operating at a deficit makes us more vulnerable.

We encourage you to reflect on what the Newman Community means to you.

If you have reduced your giving, please think about restoring it. We ask everyone to understand our situation and prayerfully consider how you can help – financially. And, of course, a sincere thank you to those who have maintained your level of support.

Your donations are a direct investment in the heart of our community. They go towards the practical needs that keep our center going: our devoted staff, the heat and lights in our gathering spaces, the upkeep of our building, and even the simple acts of snow plowing and lawn care.

Those of us on the Planning Council can assure you… that your contributions only go to pay the Newman Community’s bills.  

With your support, and by God’s grace, we’re confident that we will not only cover our expenses… but continue to flourish as a community.

We will continue to be a place where faith is not only taught – but displayed in acts of kindness, community, and love.

Your support transforms our center from a mere building… into a home for our faith, our hopes, and our journey together in Christ.

Let’s return to covering our expenses and continue to be…

 “Church lived… as it’s meant to be.”   


Ministry Planning Council – 4/7/2024

Mike Beato

Veronica Cavan

Dcn. Mike Colson

Paulette Crooke

Carrie Frank

Joe Lojacono

Vicki Loniewski (student)

David Nasca

Bruce Pitman

Fr. Paul Seil

Josh Merlo