UBNC Ministry Planning Council Updates

UBNC Update Report – 6/23/2024

Thank you to everyone who has responded positively to the Report to the Community that was delivered in May. As of June 16th, we can report the following response from our Newman Community.

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Family 36 Update

Family 36 Update: The Recommendations and Justification for each family in the Buffalo Vicariate were distributed to us on June 6, 2024. They are listed in their entirety along with the timeline for further implementation. There are no current plans to close the UB Newman Center.

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Report to the Community 5/9/2024

This Report to the Community was prepared by our UB Newman Ministry Planning and Finance Councils and provides an overview of our robust campus ministry, pastoral life, service, and social activities.

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About the Ministry Planning Council

March 7, 2024 – The UB Newman Center Ministry Planning Council was formed to plan, enrich, and extend our Catholic campus ministry presence at the University at Buffalo and within the diocese’s Campus Ministry Family (#36).

The core tenet of our council is a commitment to the principle, “At the UB Newman Center, all are welcome!” This belief is at the heart of our vision for the future of the Catholic Church, particularly within Catholic Campus Ministry, where we enthusiastically accept and honor each person’s unique path and identity.

For a more detailed understanding, we direct you to the document We Are UBNC: A Pastoral Plan to Invigorate the Newman Family.

We began with a small but dedicated group of UB Newman members – and we are eager to expand our ranks. We invite others who resonate with the vision of the UB Newman Center and wish to contribute to step forward and join us!

Working Groups

Our council operates through several focused working groups:

  • Ministry Planning: We are responsible for the overall planning and administration of the working groups.
  • Communications: Sharing our message is essential to our success. We want to show the vitality and relevance of our faith in today’s world and invite others to join in our journey.
  • Finance Council: Advising on and overseeing the UB Newman Center’s financials is crucial for a sustainable future. We ensure that we have the resources to dream big and take action in our mission.
  • Community Integration with Campus Ministry: The UB Newman Center should not be an isolated entity but a thriving part of UB. We are building bridges to bring the Church into dialogue with the institutions of higher learning and to carry the Church forward through forming the next generation of leaders.


The work of the UBNC Ministry Planning Council is a testament to the enduring and evolving life of the Catholic Church. We are not just a part of the Church’s story – filled with optimism, faith, and transformative love – we are actively writing its future chapters.

UBNC Ministry Planning Council Members

Mike Beato

Veronica Cavan

Dcn. Mike Colson

Paulette Crooke

Carrie Frank

Joe Lojacono

Vicki Loniewski (student)

David Nasca

Bruce Pitman

Fr. Paul Seil

Josh Merlo