Welcome to a New Year for the Split Club! Last year, through the generosity of its more than 200 members, we returned $28,500 to the Newman Center. In addition, more than $10,000 in prizes were distributed throughout the year.

This year, we have some exciting changes to share with you. The Split Club will run from November through April with the banquet in May. All members receive one complementary banquet ticket worth $35 and additional tickets may be purchased. Last year, we had four weekly drawings each month with one $100 prize and four $25 prizes each week. This year, there will be one $100 prize and four $50 prizes weekly. Added to the three $500 special drawings and the $2500 in prizes announced at the banquet, you have many chances to win a portion of a total of $11,200 in prizes, up $800 from last year.

The cost of a ticket is $200. Please use this form and make checks out to UB Newman Center. There are many ways you can pay. You can put it in an envelope labeled Split Club and put it in the collection basket. OR you can mail it to the UB Newman Center at 495 Skinnersville Road, Amherst, NY 14228. OR you can pay online. When we receive your payment, you will get a receipt with the number of your ticket included. Please remember you must be at least 18 years old to join and winners are responsible for all taxes.

The drawing schedule is on this attachment. Anyone may stop by to witness the drawings held in the Student Lounge of the Newman Center.

Your participation is so important to the success of the Newman Center.

Thank you for your generosity.