The Newman Center plays an important and unique mission in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo—to create and strengthen the bond between students and God at a time when research shows that many young people turn away from the Church. There is great power in the intermingling of college students with other members of the Newman community, with a focus on community outreach and service. In the process of enhancing their faith, our own is reignited.

In addition to its core service to students, UB Newman has been an inclusive and welcoming sanctuary– a place of non-judgment and acceptance that draws Catholics from across the region. This is an institution which has become a spiritual cornerstone in our community.

None of this will come as a surprise to you, our Newman family. Your dedication to the Newman mission is the flame that inspires us. 

The attached Report to the Community, prepared by our UB Newman Ministry Planning and Finance Councils, provides an overview of our robust campus ministry, pastoral life, service, and social activities. It also details our financial picture. Like most area parishes, our weekly collections have fallen considerably, leading to our operating at a deficit. In the past, deficits have been offset by the Diocese; this is obviously no longer a possibility.

As the Buffalo Diocese faces uncertainty and bankruptcy, the most effective way for us to sustain the vibrancy and critical work of the UB Newman Center is for us to be financially self-sufficient. Simply put, we need to generate enough revenue (through offertory and fundraising) to cover our expenses completely.

We have spent months gathering and reviewing the data. We have determined that, to fully fund our mission and better secure our future, we need to increase our income by $3,300 per week. This is attainable if enough donors return to their previous levels of giving or increase if possible. 

The document outlines how you can play a role in remedying our shortfall. Please be assured that all funds raised will go directly to support the Newman Center.

We appreciate your engagement and support as we work together to navigate these turbulent times and begin to plan for a more sustainable future for our community.

You and this community are the Newman Center. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

In gratitude,

The UB Newman Center Ministry Planning Council

Download the Report to the Community 6/24/2024 Report