As Cardinal Newman preached: we should bring people together to learn and to worship in campus ministry. That’s exactly what Fr. Pat Keleher did for more than 40 years – first at Fredonia, and then here at the UB Newman Center for 35 years before retiring last July. And through all these years, he has maintained a youthful enthusiasm for his mission!

Fr. Pat embodies Cardinal Newman’s call – to bring people together.

He has been true to what his mother taught him as a child: “Open mind, open heart, open door.” And he has embraced it as his own motto: “All Are Welcome!”

With that welcoming spirit, our Newman Community is active and growing.

Why? Fr. Pat would say: it’s the people. But we all know, Fr. Pat made this Center possible—it was his vision, his dream, his leadership.

Fr. Pat served and inspired this Newman community with integrity, faith, devotion, and humor. We are better disciples because he’s our friend.

To honor Fr. Pat, the Newman Community has named our gathering space as the Msgr. J. Patrick Keleher Community Room!