Dear Newman Community,

Since last winter, the staff and lay volunteers of UBNC have given tremendous amounts of time and their expertise to answer challenges which we all face as the “Road to Renewal” is further implemented.

As the media reported, it has been proposed that 15 City of Buffalo churches be merged. More announcements will be made through the end of next week (June 14). Subsequently, “Families” will meet to accept proposals or structure new plans to submit the Diocese.

The Recommendations and Justification for each family in the Buffalo Vicariate were distributed to us on June 6. They are listed in their entirety on this page as well as the Timeline for further implementation.

Beginning in the new Fiscal Year (September 1, 2024) the Diocese will no longer subsidize UBNC. Our debts will be our responsibility completely.

As you have heard during these past months, we need more than $11,000 weekly income to sustain our current level of ministry. Thank you for your generous response to our appeal and support of our fundraisers.

Regarding “Justification 2.” We are neither expecting nor preparing for that to happen.

Our mission is to continue to serve UB Students, Staff, and the Resident Community which joins together to proclaim the Good News and live our Catholic faith in the manner taught by Vatican II and Pope Francis.

We thank Fr. Bryan for his encouragement and willingness to survey our unique situation.

We all have many questions. The staff and leadership of UBNC and our Family stands ready to assist and give answers as we are able.


Diocese Recommendations for Family #36

  1. Projected number of active priests for this family by 2030 = 1
  2. Based upon scoring and metrics, it is recommended that the family rightsize and reshape this family evaluating the following recommendations:
    1. A one-year evaluation needs to be completed for this family based upon progress in the campus ministry family.
    2. The hiring of a full-time position to coordinate all of campus ministry in the Diocese needs to take place.
    3. This family would now fall under the Buffalo Vicar Forane’s authority.


  1. This unique family will need to be reassessed after one year to determine effectiveness of this family structure. This reassessment will also provide accountability to this family so they participate in the larger picture of the Diocesan Renewal going forward.
  2. If the UB Newman Center is sold due to Chapter 11, reevaluation of this family will have to take place immediately.
  3. This family may need to reassess how to effectively minster with only one assigned priest in the future, with other retired priests helping as necessary.


Vicariate Meetings to Present RecommendationsJune 3-14
Family Evaluation of RecommendationsJune 30
Family Recommendation to Diocese of BuffaloJuly 15
Plan Evaluation/Acceptance by Diocese of BuffaloAugust 30
Announcement of ClosuresSeptember 1
Closure DateTBD w/ Family & Diocese