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Sunday, August 8.

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With 201 families and individuals contributing, the Newman Center has raised $107,911 – exceeding our 2021 goal by more than $10,000! We thank you and, more importantly, our Western New York neighbors in need thank you!

While our community has exceeded its goal, the overall campaign still needs to raise about $1.7 million to reach its $10 million goal. The real needs in WNY as we continue to recover from the pandemic are great and falling short of the goal means some of our neighbors will not receive the help that they need. So, if you haven’t yet contributed, please still consider doing so.

No contribution is too small — or too large! To contribute you can return pledge cards to either Catholic Charities or the Newman Center. You may also donate online at Our parish code (in a dropdown menu) is 0768.

Many of us in the Newman community have been truly blessed. As you consider your support of Catholic Charities, please keep these words of St. Peter in mind, “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’ s varied grace.”

Again, thank you so much for enabling us to reach the parish goal for 2021!! And, as always, thanks for all you do for our community and our neighbors in need.

Welcome Back!

The Newman Center is excited to welcome back those of you who are ready to return for in-person Mass!  Saturday Vigil Mass at 5:00PM, Sunday Masses at 9 AM and 12 PM. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

We’ve been praying, planning, preparing, and putting protocols in place to create a safe space for you and our staff. Thank you for your patience during this time!

Will masses still be streamed or available online?

Yes. You can watch our 9 AM mass live on our Facebook page (UB Newman) or watch it later on our Facebook page or on our YouTube account.

The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday mass remains in place. Those who are in an at-risk group, especially those over the age of 65, or those who are simply uncomfortable attending a public liturgy, are encouraged to remain at home and view mass virtually,

Will I need to wear a facial covering?

Yes. We encourage you to bring your own, but we will also have masks available for you if you forget your facial covering. You must wear a facial covering over your nose and mouth in order to come into the Newman Center. You must keep the facial covering on over your nose and mouth for the entire time you are at the Newman Center. We will also have hand sanitizing stations located throughout the Newman Center for your use.

Will the Eucharist be celebrated?

Yes. If you are comfortable with receiving the Eucharist, it will be offered during Mass. While we’ll limit the amount of people waiting in the communion line at a time to keep everyone socially-distanced, anyone who wishes to receive the Eucharist will be given a chance to do so. Please remember that you must receive the host in your hands (to protect Fr. Pat and our eucharistic ministers). When you are given the host, wait until you’ve returned to your seat to quickly remove your facial covering, consume it, and then replace your mask.

How does the mass reservation system work?

There will be a link posted on the Newman website for our ticket reservation system. Every Friday at 10 AM, tickets will become available.

  • You can reserve tickets online through Eventbrite or by calling the office (716-636-7495).
  • The number of tickets available will be capped at our capacity limit.
  • For our first week, we are reopening at 50% capacity — we’re phasing our reopening to make sure that our protocols are effective and that our plan doesn’t have any bugs in it that need correcting. This means that there will be 50 tickets available for every mass this coming weekend. Hopefully, our plan will work well and we’ll be able to increase our capacity soon.
  • You will need to bring your ticket with you when you come to mass. You can bring a printed copy or simply show the ticket on your phone at check-in. If you do not have a ticket, we cannot let you attend mass. When you do show your ticket, we’ll need to verify the contact information you included in your registration. Following this — and we’ll need to check tickets for everyone and have contact information for at least one person in every household that attends mass — an usher will take you to a seat.
What will leaving after mass be like?

We’ll only be using the main entrance for the Newman Center for both entering and exiting. At the end of mass, an usher will dismiss you. To continue social distancing among attendees, an usher will direct your section and row when to leave. You will not be able to gather anywhere inside the Newman Center following mass.

What else will be different?
  • There won’t be any singing at masses indefinitely.
  • We won’t be passing baskets at the offertory; instead, there will be a single basket at the main entrance that you will be able to drop donations into.
  • There won’t be water in the baptismal fonts or song books or missals out.
  • Any contact among different households won’t be permitted — this means no handshakes or hugs before mass, no hand-holding during the “Our Father”, and only waves or two fingers at the sign of peace.

To our Newman Family

3/12/2021 Update

Once more, we’ve had to remain away from each other for a long while. Once more, we’ve had to face, separate but still together, several months of more stringent restrictions and of rising numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by the pandemic. But, once more, we have brought about a better today through solidarity with each other and respect for those most at-risk.

Because of all of our careful efforts — masking, distancing, staying at home, handwashing, and getting vaccinated — we’ve returned to pre-surge levels of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. We again believe that it is safe for us to welcome you back to your Newman home away from home. We’re very excited to see many of you again!

Of course, Newman is still going to look different when you see us again. Masses will continue to be different. How we can spend time together before and after masses will continue to be different. What we’re able to do at the Newman Center outside of Masses will continue to be different.

Below, you’ll be able to see, in detail, the protocols we’re continuing to ensure the health of any person who comes through our doors. While we are encouraged by the progress of our countrywide vaccination effort, we will maintain these protocols for the immediate future. Any decisions to relax them will be based on local metrics, the advice of public health officials and medical experts, and directions from state and local health departments. We are very thankful for the support and generosity and love of our Newman family during these last few months.

We are especially grateful to our volunteers who continued their work over the winter break. As we return to the Newman Center, we ask for your continued support and generosity and love, as well as your cooperation with the protocols we have in place. We promise you nothing else than our constant efforts to welcome you back, to keep you safe, and to strengthen our already-strong community further in return.

With warmth and welcome and love:
Fr. Pat and the Pandemic Response Team

In-Person Mass Times

Registration is required!

  • Sat., 5 PM - Vigil Mass
  • 9 AM - This Mass will be live-streamed and available on FacebookYouTube
  • 12:00 PM

Register to Attend Mass

Communion Services

Wednesday and Friday at Noon with Deacon Mike

Here at the Newman Center, “All are Welcome!”

It was hard for us to ask you to stay away, especially during the special times of year that are to be shared with family and friends. 

Thank you all very, very much for cooperating with us as we put our plan and these protocols in place, and thank you for your patience with and kindness toward us and our volunteers!

Notification to Claimants against the Diocese of Buffalo.

by Diocese of Buffalo

Published here at the request of the Diocese of Buffalo:

UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK in re The Diocese of Buffalo N.Y. Case No. 20-10322. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT, On February 28, 2020, The Diocese of Buffalo N.Y., (“Diocese”) filed for protection under chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code (the “Bankruptcy Code”). The Bankruptcy Court has established August 14, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (prevailing Eastern time) as the deadline to file proofs of claim against the Diocese (the “Bar Date”). If you have a claim against the Diocese, including, without limitation, a claim related to sexual abuse committed by any person connected with the Diocese, you must file a claim on or before the Bar Date.


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Fr. Pat Keleher - Director

Whether prospective or incoming, we are thrilled to have you!

We are honored to be among the first to welcome you to University at Buffalo! We hope that this page about opportunities to participate in your faith life during college will either inspire you to come to UB, or excite you about the years that await you in Buffalo.  You will be among the first generation of UB students who will have a permanent sacred place for celebration of the Word, Sacraments, prayer, community building and so much more. College is full of new experiences — some exciting, some difficult — and both faith in God and a supportive faith community can help ease the transition. We here at the Newman Center feel privileged for the opportunity to walk alongside you during your time at UB and share with you in prayer, fellowship and other activities. The Newman Center, Catholic Campus Ministry at UB, often acts as a “home away from home” for students. We offer a warm, welcoming environment for prayer and faith, as well as a dynamic community that relishes in sharing time and energy with one another. We recently opened a new “state of the art” campus ministry center for you and those students who come after you.  During your years at UB we strive to:

  • Help clarify values in a time of exploration
  • Build a sense of Catholic identity and understanding through education, reflection and discussion
  • Form leaders in the world and for the Church through service and empowerment

And do all of this in the context of faith, through a vibrant spiritual center. You will find many opportunities for group and individual faith-sharing, retreats, investigation into Catholicism, service and prayer. Please feel free to contact a staff member for more information. At Newman, “it’s all about the students.” We truly look forward to having you join us. Peace and all good things, Fr-Pat-Sig

Msgr. J. Patrick Keleher – “Fr. Pat” Director The Newman Center at UB

STUDENTS: Please visit our Campus Ministry page for more student information.


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