To our Newman Family

3/1/2021 Update

The Newman Center will reopen on Sunday, March 14th.

  • There will be in-person Masses at nine, noon, and six-thirty; the Mass at nine will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook and recorded for YouTube and our website as well.
  • The Newman Center’s office will be fully staffed and open beginning March fifteenth.
  • We will resume scheduling sacraments on the fifteenth, although there will still be attendance limits for any sacrament or Mass.
  • Finally, we will begin to allow some in-person events at the Newman Center; like Masses and sacraments, these events will have attendance limits. 

Delaying our reopening until March is needed given the metrics (local, countywide, statewide, and countrywide) for COVID cases, positivity rate on COVID tests, hospitalized COVID cases, hospital capacity, and COVID deaths. While these metrics have significantly improved from where they were during the peak of the winter surge, that improvement remains relative. All of the relevant metrics remain elevated above pre-surge levels.

However, we are beginning to see significant differences between the metrics as they were when we decided to close for the winter and as they are now. The metrics continue to trend downward. We are now finally exiting the trailing portion of the winter surge.

The metrics that we are especially focusing on are as follows: the positivity rate for tests done in WNY (expressed as a weekly average); new cases of COVID per 100000 persons in WNY; new hospitalizations per 100000 persons in WNY; and the trends for the case, hospitalization, and death counts in NYS.

The criteria we are using to evaluate these metrics — and so to make a decision about reopening — are as follows: test positivity rate at or under 2.5%; fewer than 10 new daily cases per 100000 persons; fewer than 1 new daily hospitalization per 100000 persons; decreases in the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. These criteria have been generated based on established baselines published by public health institutions and epidemiological experts and on the metrics prior to the winter surge.

Given all this, we have set our reopening date based on an extrapolation from the observable trends in these metrics. We have decided to reopen in March because of the high probability that we will meet all of these criteria in the coming weeks. Because these criteria will all be met, we can be confident that we will have fully exited the winter surge and that we will not be introducing any significant risk to our Newman community or our wider communities by reopening.

While we wait to rejoin each other, we urge everyone to fight COVID fatigue and to continue doing the little things that have and will continue to save lives: wear a mask, socially distance, don’t leave your home without need, limit your contact with extra-household or extra-“bubble” persons, and wash your hands.

Additionally, we urge those who are eligible to receive a vaccine — currently, healthcare workers, nursing home residents, first responders, court and corrections officers, teachers and professors, grocery store workers, childcare workers, public transit workers, persons aged 65 or older, and persons with underlying medical conditions (a complete list of these conditions — along with a comprehensive list of those eligible to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated — can be found at — to sign up for an appointment now. The vaccines available are safe and effective, and growing herd immunity through vaccination is the most efficacious and humane method we have for ending the pandemic.

So, for only two more weeks, we will not have in-person Masses at the Newman Center. We’ll instead have live Masses on our Facebook page again; you can join us at 900 on Sunday mornings on Facebook or watch the recording that will be posted on our YouTube page and website later on in the day. For only two more weeks, the office will be closed. If you need to contact us, you can continue to email us at

Until we see you again (soon!), stay prayerful and stay careful.

With love,

Fr. Pat and Josh Merlo, Pandemic Response Supervisor

Here at the Newman Center, “All are Welcome!”

It’s hard for us to ask you to stay away, especially during these times of year that are to be shared with family. However, we all have to work together to protect our communities and to keep each other safe. You all have done an amazing job of doing this since we’ve reopened! Thank you very very much!

We’re asking you to help us again by staying masked, staying home, and staying vigilant.

Our doors might be closed, but our hearts are always open to each member of our Newman family. We love all of you, and we wish all of you, warmly: a happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful and peaceful Christmas, and a hopeful new year! We will see you again in 2021!

Notification to Claimants against the Diocese of Buffalo.

by Diocese of Buffalo

Published here at the request of the Diocese of Buffalo:

UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK in re The Diocese of Buffalo N.Y. Case No. 20-10322. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT, On February 28, 2020, The Diocese of Buffalo N.Y., (“Diocese”) filed for protection under chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code (the “Bankruptcy Code”). The Bankruptcy Court has established August 14, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (prevailing Eastern time) as the deadline to file proofs of claim against the Diocese (the “Bar Date”). If you have a claim against the Diocese, including, without limitation, a claim related to sexual abuse committed by any person connected with the Diocese, you must file a claim on or before the Bar Date.


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Fr. Pat Keleher - Director

Whether prospective or incoming, we are thrilled to have you!

We are honored to be among the first to welcome you to University at Buffalo! We hope that this page about opportunities to participate in your faith life during college will either inspire you to come to UB, or excite you about the years that await you in Buffalo.  You will be among the first generation of UB students who will have a permanent sacred place for celebration of the Word, Sacraments, prayer, community building and so much more. College is full of new experiences — some exciting, some difficult — and both faith in God and a supportive faith community can help ease the transition. We here at the Newman Center feel privileged for the opportunity to walk alongside you during your time at UB and share with you in prayer, fellowship and other activities. The Newman Center, Catholic Campus Ministry at UB, often acts as a “home away from home” for students. We offer a warm, welcoming environment for prayer and faith, as well as a dynamic community that relishes in sharing time and energy with one another. We recently opened a new “state of the art” campus ministry center for you and those students who come after you.  During your years at UB we strive to:

  • Help clarify values in a time of exploration
  • Build a sense of Catholic identity and understanding through education, reflection and discussion
  • Form leaders in the world and for the Church through service and empowerment

And do all of this in the context of faith, through a vibrant spiritual center. You will find many opportunities for group and individual faith-sharing, retreats, investigation into Catholicism, service and prayer. Please feel free to contact a staff member for more information. At Newman, “it’s all about the students.” We truly look forward to having you join us. Peace and all good things, Fr-Pat-Sig

Msgr. J. Patrick Keleher – “Fr. Pat” Director The Newman Center at UB

STUDENTS: Please visit our Campus Ministry page for more student information.


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